July Likes Hikes

     We headed out to Little Mt Si Trail yesterday, sharing the trail with what seemed like more dogs then people, but that was okay.  It was grey and sprinkling and once we hiked ourselves into the forest and under the canopy I never felt a drop.  Occasionally we listened to a surge of raindrops hit the canopy above us but I never felt rain.  It was muggy and beautiful. 

     The other photos are from Lost Lake and my attempt at reaching Snow Lake before being averted by the dangerous snow levels.  I tried Snow Lake on July 7th and about a mile into the 3 mile hike to the lake basin I reached a snow field.  It was over 60 degrees and the runoff tearing down the mountain was adding a dangerous element to the whole adventure.  At a point I could see holes in the snow I was walking on and running water shooting 3-4 feet down.  I didn’t really feel like falling through snow, and into a creek that shoots me under the snow field.


     Lost Lake is a small lake that you reach via a forest service road near Stampede Pass.   I camped there in high school and it was great to revisit.  They stock it with a thousand jumbo trout each spring and I threw everything I had at ’em and didn’t catch a single one.


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