Long Jumps

In addition to science I co-teach PE on Thursday afternoons.  We don’t have any facilities at our small school, but being small means we can fit the middle school into two big vans and drive to where there are facilities.  Today, we headed out to West Seattle Stadium.  Three times a year we run the mile, and each time the students try to better their time from before.  Today was the second mile of the year, with the third and final coming in the end of May.  I ran mine in 7:31 today, besting my Fall time by 14 seconds.  My goal for May is to break 7 minutes.  I ask all the students to set goals for themselves, and work with them in making them realistic and attainable.  Almost all of us beat our Fall times today and that put us in a great mood so we decided to have a go at the long jump set up at the track.  These are some funny, camera phone action shots I took with whole set at the Wild Coasts Flickr.  That little guy above jumped the farthest out of everyone you see in the photo set, including myself and my 6’4″ co-teacher, Señor Jay, our middle school Spanish teacher.  I was always more of a high jumper then a long jumper.