Snoqualmie River & Alpine Lake 35mm Slide Scans From Summer 1993

These are scans of slides I photographed on two trips in the summer of 1993.  The first was to a bridge on the Snoqualmie River where myself and three friends scaled and jumped from the top in what can only be explained as temporary insanity. My friend, who you see here leaping from the top, was a competitive diver and was always having us climb bridges, freeway overpasses, boat house roofs, rocky cliffs, and whatever else hung above deep enough water to dive into.  The second trip was a hike up into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness to swim in beautiful, crystal blue water that was colder than a brass brassiere on the shady side of an iceberg.

Snoqualmie River Jump

Snoqualmie River Jump

Snow Lake Dive


Thundering Down The Yakima River

On Saturday I floated down the Yakima River with a friend and his brother.  Katlin and I headed to Cle Elum early on Saturday morning to meet up, and to stock up on snacks and drinks.  The float took close to four hours and we saw both sun and thunderstorms, and always mosquitoes.  The temperature was perfect the whole time.  I floated in a an inflatable kayak and I wouldn’t want to have done it in do it injust an inner tube.  The Yakima has world class rainbow trout fishing and I brought my rod and reel and managed to catch a little guy on my second cast of the day.  See more photos from the day here or by clicking on one of the shots below.

Golden Gardens Beach Zebra

Beach Zebra

I saw this wacky set-up at Golden Gardens today.  I believe it belonged to an elder group of ladies who were having a beach day under careful watch of their nursing home caregiver.  Regardless I admire someone who plans on getting so entrenched at the beach that they have to bring a Persian rug, twin end tables, and a stuffed zebra wearing a hat.  Ballard is an amazing place and where downtown feels like an alt-country Universal Studios, the Shilshole Marina and Golden Gardens Beach crowd at noon on a Wednesday was a real mixed bag.  Very close to this I saw maybe forty parents watching their forty plus children playing in a creek runoff into Puget Sound that was clearly marked as dangerous to one’s health.  Everyone was having a really great time.

35mm Photographs: Backpacking 1993 & 1994

These photographs are from a four night backpacking trip in the North Cascades in August of 1993 and a ten-day trip with my Dad in the Sierra Nevadas the following August. They are scans of prints made after each of the trips.

Hometown Tourist: Three Long Walks from Capitol Hill to Fremont, Alki Beach, and the Ballard Locks

A card carrying Eagle

So far this summer I’ve been spending most of my time catching up on my reading, playing softball, and exploring the city on a series of long walks.  These are some photographs from the walks with more at this link to my Flickr page.

6.5 miles took me from Capitol Hill to Fremont.  I stopped at Bruce Lee’s grave site in Lakeview Park, adjacent to Volunteer Park, and then at Gasworks after walking across the University Bridge and along Lake Union.

Lake Union Boat Storage

Gasworks Park

The next long walk was 8.6 miles to Alki Beach.  Katlin joined me for this one, with the promise of a beer and burritos at the end of it.  We started downtown and then headed south along the waterfront, and then on to the Elliot Bay Trail which takes pedestrians underneath the West Seattle Bridge and around to Alki Beach.  We gorged ourselves on burritos and then waddled back to the catch the water taxi across Elliot Bay back to downtown Seattle.

The Duwamish River almost looking clean

Alki Beach Volleyball Tournament

Duwamish Eagle Nest

The third long walk was 7.3 miles to the Ballard Locks.  This time of the year the annual sockeye salmon run occurs and thousands of sockeye come in from Puget Sound into Lake Union and Washington via the fish ladders at the Ballard Locks.  There were tons of the 3-5 lbs fish on view, making this fisherman giddy for the salmon fishing I’ll inevitably get into later this summer.  I find the salmon fascinating animals.  They might be my favorite animal of all.  Their annual returning to spawn and die in the same creeks where they were born never fails to impress me, and I make a point every November of sharing it with my students during a short field trip to Ballard’s Carkeek Park to witness the Coho and silver salmon run there.

1975 Hyrdroplane

Ballard Locks Sockeye

Baseball Double Rainbow

Double rainbow ends on my player standing on third ready to score.

The Bush Blazers played the 7th grade team from St.Josephs at Bobby Morris Playfield.  They won 7-1. Highlights included our first home run, 85+ pitches from our starting pitcher, and me telling a kid to “hit the ball over the double rainbow”.

To help your eyes recover from all of the color in that double rainbow. Here's a nice shot of Bobby Morris in pre-double rainbow 1919.